as told by Spud

Hi folks, my name's Spud and I want to tell you about Andrew, who was one of the friends of Jesus.

Andrew had been friends with John the Baptist, and was his disciple. He didn't have an argument, or stop being friends with John; but one day he heard John say that Jesus was the person who would take away the sins of the world, and so Andrew went up to Jesus, and spent some time with him. John didn't mind this or get jealous. In fact John was pleased; it was his job to tell people about Jesus and let them meet him.

I don't know what it was that Jesus and Andrew talked about, or how Andrew decided that he wanted to give up his job (he was a fisherman) to follow Jesus; but he did. Not only that, he was so impressed that he ran to get his brother Simon to tell him about Jesus too. 

Much later on, Simon, whose name was Peter, by then, became a leader in the church. But I don't think he bossed his brother around. I think, actually, that Andrew was probably just happy that Simon had met Jesus. 

Some years after this, Jesus was teaching people about God and telling them stories. His close friends were with him, and there was also a huge crowd of people who were interested in what he was saying. Goats can't count, but someone told me that there were 5000 men, who also had their wives and children with them. A lot of them were in my field; I know that much. But they were happy listening to Jesus, so I didn't mind.

Anyway, Jesus' teaching must have been really interesting, because before they knew it, it was supper time, and people were starting to get hungry.  Jesus' friends wondered how they were going to find enough food to feed the large crowd. They were talking to him about it, and standing around scratching their heads, when I saw a young boy going up to Andrew. "Please mister," he said, "Jesus can have this if he wants"; and he gave Andrew a few small rolls of bread and some fish. 

Well, goats can't count, but even I knew that that wouldn't have been enough for one man, never mind 5000 of them. I felt rather sorry for Andrew, and I wondered what he would do. Would he send the boy away, and risk looking cruel, or would he take the food to Jesus, and risk looking silly?

In the end, Andrew took the food to Jesus. I don't know if he thought Jesus could do anything with it, but actually, after Jesus had said a prayer saying thank you to God for giving them food, he broke the bread up, and somehow, there was enough to go around. More than that, in fact; there was food left over. I know that, because I was hoping to have a nice, tasty lunch, but Jesus gave each of the disciples a basket  and told them to go and pick up the leftovers!

You know, it seems to me that Andrew must have learned quite a lot from John the Baptist, when he was with him, and was a little bit like him too. John had once said that he wasn't important, and that his job was only to introduce people to Jesus. John may have been doing an important job, but when Jesus came along, he was happy to take second place, and disappear into the background.

Andrew was a bit like this too. He introduced his brother to Jesus, and it was his brother, Simon, who became more well known and had more adventures with Jesus. And lots of people talked about Jesus' great miracle - how he fed over 10,000 people with a little bit of food, but I shouldn't think they remember that it was Andrew who gave Jesus the food. I shouldn't think they remember the boy either, come to that. We don't even know his name; I wonder if he was also called Andrew?

I wonder if you could be like Andrew, and tell people about Jesus?

You can find this story in John 1 verses 35-40, and in John 6 verses 1-13.