John the Baptist
with Peanut and Coconut



(Coconut is on a protest march; he wants equal rights for camels.

Peanut: Hey there, Coconut; what are you doing?

Coconut: Hi Peanut. I’m just making people aware of a very important matter.

Peanut: What’s that then? Fair deals for camels? What does that mean?

Coconut: Well did you hear about how wise men went to visit Jesus after he’d been born?

Peanut: Oh yes, we did that at church. It’s called Epiphany; we learnt about them and the gifts that they gave to Jesus.

Coconut: And?

Peanut: And what?

Coconut: Did you learn about their camels?

Peanut: Well …… no.

Coconut: Exactly. Fair deals for camels. It’s always the same. The humans are famous and the animals always miss out.

Peanut: Oh ….

Coconut: And then there was John the Baptist.

Peanut: What about him?

Coconut: What were his clothes made of?

Peanut: Camel's hair, but …..

Coconut: Fair deals for camels!

Peanut: Well, o.k.; so what are you going to do about it?

Coconut: Well, I’m here to represent all camels, and get justice for those in the Bible, who we don't hear about – sort of like an agent.

Peanut: Ah, so is that why you’re wearing a suit? Actually, where did you get that from; who gave you the money?


Coconut: (mumbles)

Peanut: What? You mean you sold their story to the newspapers, and they paid you?

Coconut: (sheepishly) Well … yes.  Well, why shouldn’t I? And why shouldn’t we camels be famous too?

Peanut: You know, you mentioned John the Baptist earlier; do you know what he once said?

Coconut: No.

Peanut: Well when he was baptising people by the River Jordan, he said that Jesus would come along soon and that Jesus was much more famous than he was, and that he wasn’t good enough even to untie his shoe laces. And later he said “he must become greater and I must become less”. He didn’t want all the glory for himself; his job was to point other people to Jesus, wasn’t it?

Coconut: Er, yes.

Peanut: Well isn’t that what those camels were doing when they took the wise men to Bethlehem; letting other people see Jesus?

Coconut: Might have been.

Peanut: So, they had a very important job then, didn’t they? You know, I don’t think they would have boasted about what they did, or complained about the journey.

Coconut: Hmmmm

Peanut: In fact, did any camel ask you to be their agent? Do they know that the newspapers gave you money?

Coconut: (mumbles) No.

Peanut: So, what are you going to do?

Coconut: Well I suppose I’d better take this suit back, and then maybe I’ll give a donation to the home for retired camels.

Peanut: Actually, you can make the donation, but I think you’d better keep the suit, as you’ve worn it. Maybe it will remind you about John the Baptist and what a lovely thing it is to be able to help people find Jesus.

Coconut: Yes, you’re right. Telling people about Jesus IS a good thing to do. Oh well…. I wonder if Carrot has ever thought of getting an agent?

Peanut: Coco!

Coconut: Only joking.