as told by the animals.








Parsnip: Hey! I wonder what's going on over there? Where are they all off to?

Truffles: I'm not sure. Maybe there's a party somewhere? I love parties.

Parsnip: Let's find out. Hey Carrot; what's going on?

Carrot: Old man Noah has built a huge boat and he wants us all to go and live in it.

Parsnip: What, forever? Why?

Carrot: No, not forever, just until the rain stops.

Truffles: Rain? We're in the middle of the desert; it hasn't rained for months.

Carrot: Well God told Old man Noah that it is going to rain, a lot. In fact, the whole place is going to flood and nearly all the humans are going to drown

Truffles: That's not very nice! I thought God loved them; why is he going to let them be killed?

Carrot: Because they have all stopped listening to him and do bad things. God made all of them, and us too. But humans treat each other badly and hate the One who made them.

Truffles: So if we want to escape from this flood, we need to get onto the boat?

Carrot: It's called an ark - yes, that's right.

Pumpkin: Hey guys; are you going onto the ark?

Parsnip: I've only just heard about it; I need to think.

Pumpkin: what do you need to think about? If you don't get on, you'll drown. Is that what you want?

Parsnip: No, of course not. But it's not raining, and we don't know for sure that it will.

Pumpkin: Well God said that it will, and that's good enough for me.

Parsnip: Hmmmm, maybe then. Is Holly going to be on the ark?

Carrot: I don't know. Why?

Parsnip: I don't like her, and I don't want to listen to her squawking.

Carrot: But you want her to be safe?

Parsnip: Well yes, but birds can fly. Can't Old man Noah tell her to go and live in a tree for a few weeks?

Carrot: I think all the trees will be covered with water.

Parsnip: Gosh, it's  going to rain for a very long time then. Oh, there's Sherbert. I say, Sherbert!

Sherbert: What?

Parsnip: Are you going to the ark?

Sherbert: Yes; I think everyone is.

Truffles: I hope we all have our own rooms.

Carrot: Why?

Truffles: Because otherwise little folk like Ant and Bea will get squashed. And what about Angel?

Sherbert: What about her?

Truffles: Well she's a fish, and fish live in water. So why can't she stay outside the ark, where there will be lots of water, instead of inside, where there might not be enough?

Carrot: I don't know, really. I expect we'll find out when we get in there. The main thing is; are you coming?

Parsnip: Ok then: I'll race you.

The human version of this story can be found in the Bible in Genesis Chapters 7-9