Other puppets

The puppets on the previous pages were professionally made, and brought from shops, or online. (See Resources page.) Some of them cost a few pounds, a few cost nearly £100.

But puppets needn't be expensive. If you want to make puppets like the ones you have seen here, there are places that sell patterns, or books about puppetry might give simple patterns.

If you just want to make a puppet, to learn about the world of puppets, there are many cheap ways of doing so.

The simplest puppet, or maybe "talking head" would be a better description, can be made with the hand and a pair of "peeper" eyes. In this photo I have put a glove on before adding the peeper eyes.

Another way, is by making a sock puppet; you may have even done this at school. 

This is a shop bought puppet, but it is of the "sock" variety. I'm sure that if you shopped around and got creative, you could make a puppet that was just as good.

A number of household objects can be used to make puppets; here is an example. .

The top half of the elastic band has been stuck to the handle. The bottom half is unstuck and has a thread tied to it, which passes through the hole at the bottom of the paintbrush and can be pulled to move the "puppets'" mouth.

When we speak, only the lower half of our jaws move; so when a puppet speaks, only the lower jaw should be operated. On an ordinary puppet, this is done with the thumb.

Other examples of puppets from household objects can be found in the book "The official puppet ministry survival guide", see Resources page.