Palm Sunday

As told by Carrot the donkey.

Oh hello, I didn’t see you there; just having a quiet think to myself. I can hardly believe what happened to me last week you know. Would you like to hear about it? Well, I’ll tell you.

I was standing in my courtyard, eating my hay and minding my own business, when these two men approached me, untied me and started to lead me away.

“Hey”, I thought – if you’ll pardon the pun – “that was my breakfast you’ve just interrupted.”

I was a bit cross; people can’t just go around taking donkeys when they feel like it. And someone else must have thought the same thing, because I heard him challenging these men. I didn’t catch the whole conversation; someone said something about the Lord needs it. But there wasn't any trouble and we went on our way.


Well we eventually got to this place on the Mount of Olives. I didn’t know what to expect by this time, and was rather nervous. But then I felt a hand on my head and heard a soothing voice telling me that it would be alright. Someone said that this man was Jesus, and that he wanted to ride me to go into Jerusalem. I though then that it would be ok. I've heard of Jesus - my dad was owned by Joseph, Jesus' father, and he used to tell me about when Jesus was born. 

Well then, some of the other men put cloaks on my back and Jesus sat down on them, and off we went towards Jerusalem. Well, I tell you, the crowds must have heard about Jesus and all the things he'd said and done, because they gave him a huge welcome, and cheered him all the way. They even spread cloaks and palm leaves on the ground so that it was more comfortable for me to walk. This was really kind of them, 'cos it does get hot after a while, and there’s always the danger of a stone in the hoof. 

They seemed to be cheering Jesus as a king, not just any King either, but the Son of David. That doesn't mean that David was his father, though; that was a title they gave to the person who would be God's chosen one.

I reckoned he must have been a very important person as well, if the crowds could even show kindness to his donkey. King Jesus must have been going to the city for his coronation; though why he chose me to carry him there is a bit of a mystery.

Why should I carry a King? I’m not that special. A king should have one of those big horses that the Romans have. Not that horses are very special, even if they think they are. I think that they show off too much.

Anyway, judging by the welcome  that Jesus received, I’d say he has a long and happy reign ahead of him. I'd like to think that he would do something to help the country. It’s about time someone stood up to those Romans - and especially to their horses. Who do they think they are; always trying to get the best hay in the stable?

This has certainly been one journey that I’ll never forget. My dad took Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem so that Jesus could be born, and now I've taken him to Jerusalem so that he can be crowned king.

I wonder what his throne is like?

I wonder what sort of king he'll be?