Jesus stories

Jesus told lots of stories as he walked around the country. 
These  stories were about sheep, or planting seeds, or other things to do with the countryside where they lived. Sometimes they were about people; people who were kind, or selfish, or mean, or forgiving. But they were always interesting. That's why people loved to listen to them - they were about things that they knew about, yet they also told them things that they didn't know, about God.

Sometimes they might have heard one of his stories and thought it was about one thing; someone else might have heard the same story and thought it was about something else - and they would probably both be right!

You might find the same thing, as you read them, or hear them being read. There is not just one moral, or one answer, to these stories.

Today, these stories are usually called "Parables". In the following pages, the animals are going to tell you about some of them.