People stories

There are two parts to the Bible. The first part is called The Old Testament. It tells us how God made the world, and about all the people, and things, that happened before Jesus was born.

You might have heard of some of them; people like:

Noah - who built the ark

Moses - who rescued people from a wicked king and led them on an adventure in the desert.

Joseph - who had a coat of many different colours

David - who as looking after the sheep one day, when a man told him that he was going to be king.

Jonah - who was eaten by a big fish, but was rescued by God.

And there are lots more.

The Old Testament is sometimes difficult to understand; people didn't know much about God, and they had to learn. But it is full of stories and adventures. Some of these stories are about important people, like Kings, or Queens. Some are about people who didn't seem to be very important, like shepherd boys, servants or even children. But they were all important to God. He made them, loved them and sometimes asked them to help him.

Some of these people helped God by giving his messages to everyone else - they were called Prophets.

The Old Testament was the only part of the Bible that Jesus and his friends had - they hadn't written the second part then. But it still taught them a lot about God - it even told people that Jesus would be born one day.

On the next few pages, the animals are going to tell you about some of the people in the Old Testament.