A lot of the puppets on this website are hand puppets, because they are operated by hand. A lot of those that I own are full bodied animal puppets - like these.

In this case, only the mouth can be operated from inside, though some puppets have arm rods attached to allow the legs, or paws, to be moved.

I have several smaller puppets, however,  which I have always called glove puppets; see below. These have a small amount of mouth movement and the paws are moved by the thumb and small finger.


These could be used effectively behind a stage or puppet theatre, with one puppet on each hand.

There are even smaller puppets than this - finger puppets. As the name suggests, these sit on your finger, so you could use 4, 5 or maybe even 8 at a time. You will be more limited in what you can do, however.

There are many different finger puppets available. Some are animal puppets, some are of people and tell a story, like Goldilocks and the 3 bears, Red Riding hood, or maybe Bible stories.


At the other end of the scale, are large people puppets. I have a number of these. I use full bodied people puppets - which come in many sizes - because I work on my own.

The mouth of these puppets is operated by the hand. The arms can be operated with one, or two, arm rods, but it may be easier, and more natural, to sit the puppet on your lap and just move its arms by hand.

If you were working in, or wanted to start, a puppet team, however, you would use half bodied puppets, like the one shown here.

This is because the legs of the puppet would not be seen behind the stage.

The two people puppets seen above came with clothing, which can be changed, (children's clothing, 18-24 months). You might even be able to buy clothing which matched, or co-ordinated, with your own.

There are also string puppets, or marionettes.

DSCN0541 (2).JPG

As a child, I had a couple of string puppets. As the name indicates, these work by pulling strings, which means that the effects will be different.

These puppets might themselves be the lessons, however;  we could teach that God didn't make us puppets, or that we shouldn't let anyone else pull our strings.