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Godly Play

See website for details of training and where to purchase resources. Search Youtube for demonstration clips; look for those by the Godly Play foundation.
GP books can be bought from Amazon or purchased through Christian bookshops.

Gospel illusions

One Way UK
See above

Mission Magic

Illusions and self working tricks to illustrate a variety of Gospel themes and stories. Playing cards and accessories also available. Demonstration clips shown.

Discount magic
For general magic supplies

Magic Week

Online magazine, for news, tricks, videos, info about finding a magician, and where to find local clubs


One Way UK

This site has puppets of all shapes and sizes, music for puppetry, scripts, teaching books,  dvds, sound and staging resources, and advice on how to form a puppet team. They hold puppet training events all over the country, and a Creative Arts weekend each year.

Also search YouTube for puppet training clips.

Puppets by Post

A wide range of animal, sea life and people hand and finger puppets, and some marionettes. Other puppet resources.

Puppets also available from Amazon, Argos, and E bay.
Puppets by "The Puppet factory" are available in a number of places, including garden centres and toy shops.

The Official Puppet Ministry Survival Guide

By Susan Parsons. Pb. by Cooks communications Ministries.

Information on how to make simple puppets, (see other puppets page); about puppetry and the power of a puppet and simple scripts.

Using the Jesus Deck
By Penny Horseman. Grove Evangelism, booklet Ev112
Detailed information about using the cards; stories from those who have, and are, using them.
Also search for Jesus Deck on YouTube