The Lost sheep

As told by the sheep

Sherbert: Hi there, Candyfloss. You look rather worried; what’s up?

Candyfloss: Hello Sherbert. Yes, I am worried; Popcorn has gone missing.

Sherbert:  Oh dear. Did he run away, or is he hiding somewhere?

Candyfloss:  No, I don’t think so; he just wandered off. We found rather a nice patch of grass, you see, and we had all stopped to eat. But Popcorn saw some grass on the other side of a gate that looked even nicer, so he went over to have a look. And then I suppose he must have seen something else, and gone over to have a look at that as well. You know what he’s like.

Sherbert: Yes; that is a bit worrying. Do you think the Shepherd knows about it?

Candyfloss: Oh yes; he’s a very Good Shepherd. He was looking after Peppermint, who wasn’t feeling too well. But as soon as he noticed Popcorn wasn’t there, he went straight off to look for him.

 Sherbert: Well that’s alright then. The Shepherd will find Popcorn and bring him back; you don’t need to worry.

Candyfloss: Well yes, I suppose he will – if he can find him. But what about us?

Sherbert: What do you mean Candy?

Candyfloss: Well we’re here all on our own now. Who’s going to look after us while the Shepherd’s trying to find Popcorn? Supposing someone else wanders off?

Sherbert: But Candy, look; we’re in a small field and the gate is shut, isn’t it? The Shepherd was wise and made sure we were safe enough before he left us.

Candyfloss:  Oh, that’s good. The Shepherd must love Popcorn very much if he could just leave all of us to go off and rescue him.

Sherbert:  Yes, he does. But you know, I’m sure that he would do the same for any of us. He doesn’t have favourites. 

You know, Jesus told a story like this. He cares for sheep, but he was telling the story to a group of people, and he cares for them too.


This story can be found in the Bible, in Luke's Gospel, chapter 15, verses 4-6.